Donations & Gifts

Process donations with ease. Get immediate deposits to your payment processor.
Collect donations and gifts online easily with RSVPify
Collect donations or contributions as well


Add an optional donation opportunity to your free or ticketed event registration.  

Collect monetary gifts online for your organization

Collect Monetary Gifts

Collect online RSVPs and monetary gifts all in one quick and easy process for guests.

Event Donations

Donation Types & Tiers

Give donors the option to support specific projects or select a specific cause to donate to. Offer unique incentives for donation tiers or sponsorship levels. 

Receive Your Funds In 48 Hours

No waiting until after your event to receive event proceeds. With Stripe, your online ticketing funds are typically transferred within 48 business hours directly into your bank account. 

*New Stripe accounts may be subject to a 7 to 14 day waiting period after accepting their first payment.

Guides to Help Collect Gifts & Donations Online

What is Stripe? Why do I need a Stripe account?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that processes credit card charges on your behalf.

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What are the fees for collecting gifts or donations?

Is it free to collect cash donations and gifts with RSVPify?

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How to ask for donations for only those not attending

Here's how to collect donations from those who declined attending the event.

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